Provincial Health Partnership Group (HPG) Meeting 2018 on Strengthening Non-communicable Diseases Prevention through Primary Healthcare Reform

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On October 5th, 2018, in Da Nang, the Ministry of Health organized the Provincial Health Partnership Group (HPG) Meeting 2018 with the theme “Strengthening non communicable diseases (NCDs) prevention and control through primary health care (PHC) reform”.

The meeting was chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Le Tuan, Vice Minister of Health, and co-chaired by Dr. Kidong Park, WHO representative to Viet Nam, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi Giang Huong, Director of International Cooperation Department, Manager of the HPG Secretariat, and Dr. Ngo Thi Kim Yen, Director of Da Nang Department of Health. The meeting welcomed 200 delegates from the Party’s Department, Government Office, Ministries, Provincial Health Departments, organization/agencies under the the Ministry of Health, representative from Development Partners such as Embassies, Development Banks, UN agencies, NGOs and private sector.

Non-communicable diseases is a global health issue, which is causing a great burden on the socio-economy and health system of all countries including Viet Nam. The prevention, management and reduction of the prevalence and mortality from NCDs can be implemented effectively through primary healthcare. Given this context,  this Provincial HPG Meeting aimed to (1) discuss and share the difficulties, challenges and causes of the practice of prevention and management of non-communicable diseases at grassroots level in Viet Nam; lessons learned from the implementation of NCDs prevention model at provinces; (2) provide international recommendations and best practice of NCDs prevention in the world; (3) discuss roadmap and effective /systematic solutions to integrate and strengthen the prevention and management of NCDs at grassroots level.

In the opening remarks, Vice Minister Pham Le Tuan emphasized the center role of primary healthcare in the prevention and management of NCDs in the community. Actively strengthening the capacity of health system at grassroots level, providing accessible, quality preventive and treatment services without financial for the people hardships through universal health coverage is the most effective and efficient way to prevent and reduce the prevalence of NCDs in the community. This was also an important part of the discussion at the 3rd UN General Assembly High level plenary meeting on the prevention and control of NCDs in New York last September.

Sharing the Vice Minister’spoint of view, in his speech, Dr. Kidong Park quoted important commitments at the 3rd UN General Assembly High level plenary meeting on NCDs prevention and control. He recommended Viet Nam strengthen health system in order to achieve universal health coverage, improve the capacity and quality of primary healthcare by improving human resource and reforming health insurance

Based on the presentations at the meeting, the participants discussed issues of NCDs management at grassroots level, situation and difficulties, as well as provided suggestions and solutions, to strengthen primary healthcare, health education and communication and risk factors management. The meeting also received valuable sharings and views from the leaders of Health Departments, Universities, Institutes and experts from international organization such as WHO, UNICEF… These opinions would contribute to improving NCDs management and prevention through strengthening primary health care in Viet Nam

In the afternoon, the delegates were divided into 2 groups to join the field visit to HoaPhong Commune Health Station and HoaVang District Health Center; and ThoQuang Commune Health Station and Son Tra District Health Center.