IHP+ Meeting on IHP+ Monitoring Round 2016 Result Dissemination and Next steps

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The International Health Partnership (IHP+), with the current mission of heading towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC 2030) is a group of 65 partners committed to improving the health of citizens in developing countries by putting international principles for effective aid and development co-operation into practice in the health sector. Every two years, IHP+ organize a Monitoring Round to assess signatories’ performance against aid effectiveness commitments, involving Governments, Development Partners (DPs), Civil Society Organizations and other health stakeholders, including the private sector. In 2016, IHP+ implemented the 5th round of monitoring along 08 Effective Development Cooperation (EDC) practices which was presented in the IHP+ Viet Nam Country Report 2016.

Promoting IHP+ related activities is one of HPG’s priorities. On the morning of Thursday 03 August 2017 at Hoa Binh Hotel, Ha Noi, the Health Partnership Group organized the meeting on IHP+ Monitoring Round 2016 Result Dissemination and next steps in order to improve development cooperation effectiveness along the EDCs. The meeting was co-chaired by Assoc. Prof. Tran Thi Giang Huong, ICD Director General, and Dr. Momoe Takeuchi, Healh Systems Development Team Coordinator, WHO. The meeting welcomed 80 participants from MOH Departments/Administrations, agencies under MOH line management including universities, hospitals, institutes, MPI, development partners (DPs), INGOs, civil-society organizations, research agencies and private sector.

The meeting spent a major part of its time for the discussion of 08 EDCs. Some key ideas agreed among three working groups were the increase in the usage of national financial mechanism as well as the Joint Annual Health Report (JAHR) to monitor and evaluate health activities, and the planning for technical assistance as well as budget to facilitate DPs to support the health sector’s priorities.

EDC 1: Partners support a single national health strategy

EDC 2: Health development cooperation is more predictable and health aid is on budget

EDC 3: Public financial management (PFM) systems are strengthened and used

EDC 4: Procurement and supply systems are strengthened and used

EDC 5: Mutual accountability is strengthened

EDC 6: Technical support is coordinated and south-south cooperation supports learning

EDC 7: Civil Society Organisations are engaged

EDC 8: Private sector are engaged

Reported by: Le Huyen, HPG Secretariat Programme Officer