The achievements after 20 years of medical cooperation Vietnam-US

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28/10 days in Hanoi, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States celebrates the 20th anniversary of medical cooperation Vietnam-US and normalizing bilateral relations.

Speaking at the celebration, Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien and the United States Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius highlighted the achievements in the health sector which Vietnam and the United States have achieved in 20 years.

According to Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, from 1996, after the United States embargo and normalizing relations with Vietnam, many new areas of cooperation such as cooperation opens vaccine research, collaborative research services epidemiology of disease prevention in general and HIV / AIDS in particular, trained health workers.

In 2000, Secretary of Health and Human Welfare Donna Shalala US official to visit Vietnam health sector and on this occasion, the two ministers of Health has signed a joint statement on health cooperation between the two countries.

Medical cooperation Vietnam-United States growing strongly in many important areas, notably the field of prevention and fight against HIV / AIDS Preventive health care; of military and civilian cooperation; science and technology…

Non-governmental organizations United States also contributed to the medical cooperation between the two countries, with programs support health infrastructure at Hue Central Hospital; renovate, expand and upgrade the Central Children's Hospital, provides medical equipment and training of human resources; vaccine production support; provide scientific evidence of disease, mortality for policy planning process in Vietnam ... with the areas of rehabilitation of community-based.

The organization also helps to strengthen staff capacity in public health, healthcare volunteers, exchange of experts, introduce the techniques and models of advanced health care.

Besides the bilateral co-operation, Vietnam health sector is also an active partner in the multilateral cooperation forums in the lower Mekong region by the United States to initiate such cooperation Lower Mekong Initiative ( Low Mekong Inititatives), cooperation on Monitoring MBDS disease ...


Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said at the ceremony. (Photo: Minh Duc / VNA)

Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said: "20 years is a long way with little efforts of the staff and the health authorities of the two countries to expand and strengthen the cooperation between the two countries and contribute to the care and protection of people's health in Vietnam, in the prevention of disease in Vietnam, in the region and the world, for the benefit of global health. "

Ministers look forward to "the next 20 years and several generations later, medical cooperation between the two countries will continue to grow both in width and depth, increasingly practical and stick for caring human health in Vietnam, in the region and the world, contributing to building friendly relations of cooperation between the Government and the people of the two countries. "


mbassador Ted Osius said. (Photo: Minh Duc / VNA)

Speaking at the celebration, Ted Osius Ambassador also stressed: "In the 20 years since we normalized relations, health cooperation between the two countries, we have come together to prevent the spread of the deadly diseases and debilitating diseases the body. "

Through 20 years, the partnership between Vietnam-USA has expanded into many other areas such as journalists against tuberculosis, malaria, prevention of the harmful effects of tobacco, food safety, support people with disabilities, prevention of infectious diseases ...

Ambassador Ted Osius trust medical cooperation between the two countries will be increasingly deepened and expanded into new areas further.

On this occasion, seven diplomats of the United States was awarded the Ministry of Health Vietnam Medal for people's health; Vietnam 40 officers were awarded the US Embassy Merit, in recognition of contributions to the activities of bilateral cooperation in health care. /.

PV. Nguyen Bich Thuy (Vietnam News Agency)